Trauma-Informed Lawyer Podcast Launched


It's great to see the awaited podcast all things Trauma-Informed for Lawyers has been launched by Myrna McCallum, Miyo Pimatisiwin Legal Services @LegalTrauma 

"This podcast is your educational resource on trauma-informed lawyering. Through inspiring interviews and thoughtful commentary, we will shine a light on a critical competency you did not get any instruction on in law school. Trauma-informed lawyering is a do-no-further-harm, relational approach to the practice of law which benefits you, your clients, your colleagues and the legal profession generally. Lawyers, this is the education about trauma, vicarious trauma and trauma-informed lawyering you didn't know you needed."

Available now here:

Bookmark the source. There will be lots more to come, including an interview with Dr. Gabor Mate. 

Myrna is an essential voice in our #TraumaInformedJustice Twitter Clan.  

We're delighted that she has taken on this task of sharing her wisdom with us and filling some of the gaps in trauma informed education in the justice field. 

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This is excellent thank you for sharing!  I learned about ACEs in 2015 working in a police Dept reducing drug related and violent crime. I created a Trauma Informed Policing training and have trained numerous police departments in several stares including the Oklahoma City PD.  Also several juvenile justice systems and probation and parole. I’d welcome connecting to learn more about your work in the justice field. 

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