Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessments

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Attached is a document with a list of trauma-informed organizational assessments that the Greater Richmond TICN has been working on for a while.  When we began looking for information about helping organizations to become trauma-informed, we started with searching for assessment measures.  We have always started from the place that many organizations and professionals are already doing many things that are trauma-informed and wanted to make sure to assess what areas were presenting with "opportunities for growth." We also know that not one specific organizational assessment will meet the needs of every organization and have modified many to suit the needs as seen by organizational leaders.  We've done this by pulling information and creating Survey Monkey surveys for each organization that we've assisted.

This document is a work in progress and continues to grow as we find new resources.  If you are aware of additional resources, please send them our way!  You can post in a blog, add a comment or reach out to any of the Community Managers for this community in private chat conversations.  In addition, if you have utilized any of the measures within your agency and/or community, please let us know how the process went (Was the assessment measure easily accessible? Was the measure easy to administer? With what type of agency did you use the measure? What was the response rate? How were the results helpful?).

**Our plan is to provide (at least) one Community Manager post each week in the Becoming Trauma-Informed and Beyond Community that may contain information we've gathered, conversation starters for our community, updates about our work, etc.  We welcome your feedback and encourage you to participate in discussions!


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Great resource Lisa. Thanks for including the ARTIC Scale.

There are 2 other assessments that have published psychometric properties like the ARTIC. They are the TICOMETER and the Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) Scales (Sullivan & Goodman). The TIP is actually for consumers to rate TIC within in an organizations. Thought you might want to know this.

Best, Steve (Traumatic Stress Institute of Klingberg Family Centers)


Thank you for sharing the list of organizational self-assessments.  I would suggest adding this one:

The Secondary Traumatic Stress Informed Organization Assessment Tool (STSI-OA). The STSI-OA is an assessment tool that can be used by organizational representatives at any level to evaluate the degree to which their organization is STS-informed, and able to respond to the impact of secondary traumatic stress in the workplace.  The STSI-OA identifies specific areas of strength, and opportunities to implement STS informed policies and practices.  The results of this tool can be used as a roadmap for future training and implementation activities in the area of STS and trauma-informed care. For more information contact Ginny Sprang, Ph.D. at


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