Trauma-Responsive System: Two Day Training (Superior, WI)


Understanding trauma and its impact on the developing brain and body is one thing.  Reshaping public serving systems to mitigate the impact of trauma is quite another. 

Many trauma-informed change agents find themselves overwhelmed with the daunting task of infusing trauma-informed knowledge into every facet (policy, procedures, practice, culture) of their public serving system.

In this “one of a kind” two-day offering, participants will begin to view trauma-informed change through the lens of complex systems and social network thinking. 

Furthermore, participants will understand the key features of survival environments versus thriving communities, as well as adaptive challenges versus technical problems. 

Participants will complete the two days inspired by deepened cross sectorial relationships and thoughtfully crafted strategic actions to move them toward co-creating trauma-responsive systems. 

This training is presented and facilitated by Emily Read Daniels of HERE this NOW.  

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