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UA-Little Rock MPA Students Issue Recommendations for AR ACEs Workgroup

The Arkansas Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience Workgroup partnered with the University of Arkansas - Little Rock Master of Public Administration's (MPA) spring 2018 capstone class to conduct research and analysis to help guide the workgroup's strategic planning process. 

Several members of ACEs Connection graciously agreed to be interviewed by the students. We want to say thank you to everyone from ACEs Connection who lent their experience and insight for this project. 

The class of 13 students (a mixture of MPA, MPA/JD concurrent, MPA/nonprofit management certificate concurrent and nonprofit management certificate students), examined the following issues for the workgroup:

  • Stakeholder analysis: who's not at the table?
  • ACEs efforts in other states and communities
  • ACEs legislation in other states
  • The role of faith-based organizations in ACEs work

The research led to the following findings:

  • Stakeholder gaps among the public, parents, and frontline service providers emphasize the need to engage the public to raise ACEs awareness among community members.
  • Churches and other faith-based organizations, which have access to vulnerable
    populations, can be a great tool in raising awareness, educating, and involving the general public in the implementation of trauma-informed care.
  • States with no statewide initiative or legislation may have local and individual initiatives in addressing ACEs related issues and providing trauma-informed care.

Based on these findings, the research team made the following recommendations:

  • Improvement in the coordination of communication with stakeholders and the general public to build awareness about the ACEs/Resilience Workgroup and its aims.
  • Development of trauma-informed training for faith-based organization staff and volunteers using non-threatening language, familiar analogies, and a positive message of hope to teach a trauma informed care approach for serving vulnerable populations.
  • Amendment of legislation to incorporate trauma-informed care, particularly in the area of criminal justice, which allows mental health professionals and law enforcement officers to collaborate in responding to emergencies.
  • Amendment of legislation to require crisis stabilization units and mental health courts to incorporate ACEs training and take a trauma-informed approach in treating participants.

A copy of the final report without appendices is attached. If you would like a copy of the appendices, please message me. 



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Great Capstone project and so useful for the community!

Janie, i will private message you to see about capturing these tools so we can share with other communities.

Also wanted to be sure you knew about the ACEs in the Faith-Based Community which has resources & curriculum for educating about ACEs in faith communities.

Thank you! gail

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