Use Your Cell Phone to Educate, Engage, Activate, and Celebrate Your Community's ACEs Initiative!


(“Title Image” is Emily Read Daniels presenting on “The Regulated Classroom” at the Trauma Sensitive School Conference in Atlanta, GA February 17, 2020.)

Any time your ACEs initiative meets, has an event, or shows a documentary—even has a subcommittee meeting—it's news, and other members of your community will want to know about it. This post shows you how to use your cell phone to keep your community, and the world, updated about the great work you’re doing. No more waiting until you’re back at your computer to accomplish these tasks!

With your ACEs Connection phone shortcut (your community's home page on your phone) posting, including people via email, and sharing via social media can be quicker and easier than ever before. The more you share, the more people you include, and the more inclusive you are, the greater the likelihood that your initiative will grow faster and stronger. And stronger faster.

Here are the easy steps to use your phone, the ACEs Connection shortcut, and your community's ACEs Connection website to help your community stay in-the-know, while you are on-the-go.

1. Add To Home Screen

Add the ACEs Connection Shortcut to your phone's Home Screen.

2. HOme Screen

 Open to the Home Screen. 

3. 3. Scroll to

 Scroll way down to "Post" and click on the green rectangle. 

4. 4. Choose

Choose "Blog Post."

5. 5. Choose

Choose "Standard Blog Post.”

6.6. Just start typing.

Just start typing your story!

7. 7. Add “Title Image.”

To add a photo, click on “Title Image.”

8. 8. Choose your image.
Choose your image and upload!

9. 9. Remember to click
Remember to click “Publish.”

10.  10. Share Out

Use the social media bar at the bottom of your post to share out. 

Then share your post via social media, or email (you can forward your post by email as you would any other item you forward via email).  By sharing on social media, you can choose to include your FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit communities!

For the step-by-step instructions on adding your community's website to your home screen, please visit


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Thank you so much for sharing this! I found that by having the ACEs Connection app on my phone (so easy to add to my home screen too!) I can read stories, post comments, forward the stories that really resonate to my FB and other social media accounts! All this, just with  few clicks! 

What I also like is that I can download an app for EACH of my favorite communities too! Now, when I want to know what is happening in my local community - I look at that app! When I want to see what is trending on on of my favorite ACEs Connection communities - for example Parenting with ACEs - I can just open that app on phone! 

This is a game changer! Thanks so much for sharing this information!

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