WEBINAR: Surviving Family Trauma in Unusual Times - A Live Parent Interview


Dr. Scott Sells, the Founder of the Family Trauma Institute and an expert with families, interviews Sarah, a single parent mom, with four children. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sudden change and stress to an already traumatized family. Sarah discusses the challenges and how the practical tools on knowing her children's love language combined with a clear written plan is a game-changer to help stabilize her family. If you are a parent or professional who wants concrete tools to help your family in crisis due to the pandemic this is a webinar that you will not want to miss.

DATE:  Thursday, April 2

TIME:  6:00 pm EDT

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COST:  Free

What You Will Learn:

  1. Why this pandemic is called a "situational crisis" and the signs to look for in your family

  2. How to assess your current stress level using a stress chart

  3. How to find out your child's love language and formulate a plan of action

  4. That you are not alone. You will see and hear first hand the struggles Sarah and all parents are going through in this time of crisis

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