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ACEs Connection supports communities to accelerate ACEs science.

ACEs Connection is a social network that supports communities to accelerate the global ACEs science movement, to recognize the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in shaping adult behavior and health, and to promote trauma-informed and resilience-building practices and policies in all communities and institutions — from schools to prisons to hospitals and churches — to help heal and to develop resilience instead of traumatizing already traumatized people. 

ACEs Connection members include people living in rural, suburban, and urban areas and who are active in a wide variety of sectors, including health, education, criminal justice, social services, business, civic, and faith-based fields.

  • ACEs Connection members receive a Daily Digest with the latest ACEs, trauma, and resilience-related news, reports, research, and activities. A Weekly Roundup has all that plus a short feature and new videos. If you want to receive only the Weekly Roundup, or if you want neither e-news sent to you, please contact our network manager, Alicia Doktor (adoktor@acesconnection.com).
  • We post summaries and links to news, reports and research in the blog entries every day on the home page of ACEsConnection. That's where you'll find members' blog posts, too.
  • On the home page you'll also find the latest members who've joined the network, and recent comments from members. The activity stream lists everything that's happening on the network; it's a handy reference to use to catch up between visits.
  • You can also find calendar listings, videos, and an “Ask the Community” section (just below the blog entries).

In the column below, you'll find links to:

  • ACEs Connection Resource Center ACEs science presentations, surveys, videos, webinars, training….and more.
  • How-Tos -- Directions on how to post a blog, calendar event, comment, etc.
  • Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 Launching or growing a local ACEs initiative? We’ve got tools & guidelines.
  • ACEs 101 -- The five parts of ACEs science, plus links to articles, books & videos.
  • Got Your ACE, Resilience Scores? Do the ACEs & resilience questionnaires. Learn about other ACEs.

What can you do as a member?

  • Create a Blog Post Share your ACEs, trauma-informed, and resilience-building activities with other members. Here's how. And also interact and comment on other members’ posts. 
  • Customize Your Email Notifications If you want to choose the emails you receive or want no emails at all, be sure to check out this how-to.
  • Find and Message Members Find and message other ACEsConnection members from your town, city, county, state, or field of interest.
  • Join a Community ACEs Connection geographic communities support ACEs initiatives in neighborhoods, cities, counties, regions, states, and nations. These communities receive guidance and support from ACEs Connection community facilitators through online and in-person activities. Interest-based groups serve people in specific sectors, such as education and pediatrics, who are implementing practices based on ACEs science.


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Hi, Mindy: ACEs = adverse childhood experiences. It's in the about section on the home page:

About This Site

ACEs Connection is a social network that accelerates the global movement toward recognizing the impact of adverse childhood experiences in shaping adult behavior and health, and reforming all communities and institutions -- from schools to prisons to hospitals and churches -- to help heal and develop resilience rather than to continue to traumatize already traumatized people.

And also inACEs Science 101, also available from the home page.
You're right, though — we should also put it in the header, and we will.
Thanks for pointing this out!
Cheers, Jane

I was going to share this website with a friend who does coaching. I can't find anywhere on the Home page or the About page where it says what "ACE's" means (the acronym). Actually I can't remember it either! It's rarely used. Can this be put somewhere at least once for the new people? Thanks!