Video focuses on practice of ACEs science, Sonoma County (CA) style


Sonoma County, CA, is home to a fabulous local media source — KRCB North Bay Public Media.  Journalists and cinematographers from this small, but nimble, nonprofit are dedicating to documenting life as it happens in Sonoma County.  

A few months ago, the team at KRCB noticed that "ACEs" was popping up in conference titles, doctor's offices, and schools across the county. They trailed around our local experts for several months, and crafted an excellent 30-minute video explaining adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and highlighting some of the partners seeking to reduce toxic stress caused by ACEs.

Now hosted online, community members can share this video with friends who are new to the topic. Providers may also find this is a good tool to share with staff before diving into deeper training.  

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Hi, Dennis:

Those are terrific goals!

Here are a few resources:

Incorporating Trauma Informed Practice and ACEs into Professional Curricula - a Toolkit, 2016
Description: The toolkit is designed to aid faculty and teachers in a variety of disciplines, specifically social work, medicine, law, education, and counseling, to develop or integrate critical content on adverse childhood experiences and trauma informed care into new or existing curricula of graduate education programs.

And other resources can be found here in our Resources Center: Resource List -- Trauma-Informed Guides, Presentations, & Toolkits

You can find ACEs presentations in the Resources Center, too.

And in case you haven't seen it, Social Justice Solutions is a useful site; we cross-post some of our content there.

Jane I have three goals,

The first is to make the field the sociology aware of ACEs and their impact.

The second is to develop and present ACEs awareness in an introductory sociology class.

The third is to bring higher education institutions into ACE awareness.

To the first point I have established a website called ACEs aware sociology. And have located one other sociologist who as a sociologist has been looking at ACEs.

To the second point I am already teaching ACEs to my sociology 100 classes and developing the techniques as I go.

To the third point I will be making a presentation to my college's Adult Education department with the goal of making that department ACEs aware. I will also be making a presentation at the statewide IEA conference on the importance of ACEs in higher education.

Your website is providing great resources for all of these goals.

Thank you for creating this. I intend to use it in teaching my sociology class about the importance of ACEs in sociology. As a community developer I am so pleased to see the linkages at the end.

Can I link to this on my website?

I also intend to use this to inform other members of my community college about ACEs. I hope to make them all ACEs aware.

It's always good to have another tool in your tool box.  I think ACE's is a wonderful tool to get to the root of the problem.  I've been using the scoring system and it really helps me to get clients to open up and talk about the "real" problem.  You can see the relief on their face once it's out in the open.  Great job on the presentation.

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