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When the Political Becomes Personal (


Excerpt from essay published on the Attachment  & Trauma Network blog and written by @Julie Beem

Last week was just plain emotionally exhausting! As the mom of a child who experienced severe early childhood trauma, a mom who has spent the last two decades immersed in the study of what these early traumas (abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, separation from your parent) do to the developing brains of infants and toddlers, the news of what was happening at our southern border was overwhelming.

I spent the first 24 hours after I read my first news report searching all media outlets, hoping that the original report I’d read was greatly exaggerated. I truly wanted to believe it was “fake news.” But as time went on, the news of increasing numbers of children in shelters and of young children being separated was confirmed, even by the administration’s own words and actions.

ATN has always worked hard to maintain a neutral position when it comes to religion and politics. Our board truly believes that more children and families are supported and our message about early childhood trauma and the importance of healthy attachment if we don’t identify with specific religions or political parties. This means that each of us individually have to rein in our opinions. The hope is that collectively we are able to put forth the trauma-informed, attachment-focused, child-centered message the world needs from us. When we do weigh in on policy, it is from this perspective.

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