White Nationalism is Driven by a Perceived Loss of Status [psmag.com]


Donald Trump voters, and people who identify with similar political movements in other nations, are perhaps best described as angry nationalists. But consider, for a moment, just how odd and seemingly contradictory that description is.

White populists complain they are losing ground to minorities in terms of status and power. At the same time, they assert with increasing belligerence that their country is the greatest in the world. On its face, this pair of claims is puzzling: Why would your allegiance grow to a society you feel is treating your people poorly?

According to a new study, it makes perfect sense from a psychological perspective. Researchers Nikhil Sengupta of the University of Oxford and Danny Osborne and Chris Sibley of the University of Auckland argue that the negative feelings arising from perceived group decline can be counteracted by the conviction that your country is strong and powerful.

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Being an oldish white guy, I can see where this article has a point. I had a nursing career that lasted 16 years which allowed my frugal and hard working family to live comfortably. When I turned 50, I stopped being able to find new nursing jobs when the one I had ended. I just couldn't claim to be able to do the outrageous amount of work nurses are expected to do. I got an MSW last spring and things aren't that much more sure for me. The only job I could find was in a small private agency on contract. I get paid when  I have clients, when they show up and then the one insurance company I can bill with a limited license pays for the session. the amount of income I've made so far barely pays for my license fees. Fortunately I have no student debt, because I blew a large part of my retirement savings on tuition, books and travel. So actually have it a lot better than many white guys 

The difference between me and white nationalists is that I know better than to believe when those in power point to the scary others they are blaming for our problems. I know those scary others have/had it way worse than I do for their whole life.