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Free Link to Documentary: Science behind Recovered Memory of trauma


Flashback” is an 80-minute feature documentary that dramatically reveals the science behind the long-standing controversy of ‘recovered memory’ of child sexual abuse.

Exclusive footage brings the social history of the conflict to life as world-class, renowned experts come together at key flashpoints over the years to passionately and eloquently spar over whether or not you can, as Elizabeth Loftus challenges, “be molested every night for a 10-year period and then totally repress it until it comes out in therapy 20 years later.”

Dramatic, compelling research from emerging brain science, and the moving, engrossing stories from victims of child sexual abuse and amnesia punctuate the story of the evolving evidence and bring it to a logically convincing conclusion.

World-class brain/mind researchers and clinicians featured include: Bessel van der Kolk (Traumatic Stress); Judith Herman (Trauma and Recovery); Elizabeth Loftus (The Myth of Repressed Memory); Richard McNally (Remembering Trauma); Onno van der Hart (The Haunted Self); Chris Brewin (PTSD: Malady or Myth?);  Antonio Damasio; Allan Schore; Joseph LeDoux (The Emotional Brain); Daniel Siegel (The Developing Mind); Eli Somer (past president of ISSTD); J.D. Bremner (Trauma, Memory, and Dissociation; Does Stress Damage the Brain?);  Lenore Terr (Too Scared to Cry; Unchained Memories); John Briere (Principles of Trauma Therapy; Child Abuse Trauma); Roland Summit (Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome); Pamela Freyd (founder of FMSF).

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