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Thank you so much for posting this, Mary! Warmed my heart. Kudos on writing your memoir! Be sure to let everyone know when it's out. We all want to read it!

Cheers, J.

Thanks so much Jane for your kind words and for launching ACEsconnection.  As I posted in this video it has been a key part of my trauma recovery journey.   Yes I will definitely let you know when my memoir comes out.  There is actually a chapter titled: Finding my tribe:

Thanks for all you do !


Thank you again, Mary! We are grateful for your support through the years. I know your book is going to be terrific. Having read a few bits of it here and there, I can say it will be a new look at what receiving a trauma diagnosis can do to help one heal and grow.


Thank you Carey.  I so appreciate all of your support and also can't wait to share what I have learned through through my new memoir.

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