'You disgust me' – examining the impact of verbal abuse on children [PhillyVoice.com]


Linda’s heart races. She begins to sweat. Looking down at her phone, a familiar knot grips her guts. Compulsively, she reads the text message again.

“You are truly pathetic.”

It is a message from her mother.

Linda and her mother are meeting for breakfast. Yet, Linda inadvertently gave her mother the wrong street address. Her mother is now lost, unable to find her way.

“So sorry mom,” Linda quickly replies. From childhood she has learned to bypass her own feelings – to soothe her mother’s troubled soul. Even now, as a 30-year-old woman, she is pulled into this familiar role. “I’ll text you the directions right way.”

As Linda pulls up the restaurant’s website and forwards the correct directions on her phone, her mother’s reply comes in. 

“Don’t bother. I’m going home. You disgust me.”

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