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May 2019

Making Playgrounds a Little More Dangerous []

“Oh my God, this is going to be amazing,” a preadolescent wearing a gray hoodie exclaimed as he dashed in to The Yard, a 50,000-square-foot adventure playground on Governors Island in New York Harbor. The Yard, for kids 6 through 13, lacks the usual monkey bars, slides and swings. It is, however, well-stocked with dismembered store mannequins, wooden packing crates, tires, mattresses, an old piano and assorted other detritus of the modern world. There were a few rules: no iPads or electronic...

The Parent Defender Model Heads West []

In many ways, the challenges of the child welfare field mirror those in the criminal justice system. Both disproportionately ensnare over-policed, underserved communities, especially people of color and those living in deep poverty. The difference between those systems, explain East Bay Family Defenders co-founders Eliza Patten and Zabrina Aleguire, is one of gender. Women fill these courtrooms. In September 2018, Patten and Aleguire launched East Bay Family Defenders with a team of 10...

Claire’s Story: What Is Larry learning in prison? Part 47.

All this empty time is getting on my nerves. Am I seeing things? I don’t want to go crazy! Larry was in solitary confinement due to the fight he got into during the rainstorm. It had now been a week and he was still in isolation. He was angry, lonely, and desperate. His strong negative feelings made it more likely that once he got out, he would have trouble maintaining control and staying out of trouble. It might help Larry to learn how to understand and control his emotions as Claire was.

Mindfulness meditation in America has a capitalism problem

I am always pondering the tension between personal healing/resilience and social justice and my responsibility as a service provider. I think this article points out some important considerations: "There are also well-intentioned educators in schools across the country that are teaching mindfulness but lack any analysis of neoliberal reform in our education system. So they’re helping kids feel less anxiety about high-stakes tests without questioning the meaning and quality of those tests in...

Online ARTIC Scale - Price Calculator Now Available

A price calculator for the new, Online ARTIC Scale is now available. Use the calculator today to: Instantly produce an estimated price for your Online ARTIC Scale purchase Request a downloadable pdf of your estimate. Estimates include base price and available discounts Sales of the new, Online ARTIC Scale will launch soon, in late spring 2019. Three packages will be offered. Learn more about features, benefits and packages here . To receive an email announcement when sales for online ARTIC...

The Healing Place Podcast - Donna Jenson: Time to Tell

Founder and Director of Time To Tell – with a mission to spark stories from lives affected by incest and sexual abuse to be told and heard. She wrote and performs her one-woman play, What She Knows: One Woman’s Way Through Incest to Joy, which is based on her own experience of surviving incest, at conferences and in communities.

Misattunement – The Invisible ACE

“I had a good childhood. There was always food on the table and a roof over my head. So why do I feel stuck all of the time?” Do you wonder why you often feel unsatisfied in your relationships or why your professional life goes nowhere in spite of lots of effort? Or why you never feel seen? What if during your early years you experienced lots of misattunement?

Remembering the Children Trapped By Addiction

For every addict, there are five to seven people deeply impacted by living with addiction. People whose lives will be forever changed. The most vulnerable of these are children. There are several factors that impact how traumatizing the experience of growing up with addiction might become. Among them are, a child’s access to outside support, their age/developmental level and of course, the natural power imbalance between parent and child. Afterall, where can a child go with their lunchbox,...

More than eight in 10 men in prison suffered childhood adversity – new report []

Male prisoners are much more likely than men in the wider population to have suffered childhood adversities such as child maltreatment or living in a home with domestic violence, according to a new report by Public Health Wales and Bangor University. The findings suggests that preventative action and early intervention to tackle Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) could prevent crime and reduce costs for the criminal justice system . In this new survey of men in Her Majesty's (HM) Prison...

How Does Toxic Stress Affect Low-Income and Black Children? []

John Singleton, the groundbreaking director who died last month at age 51 after suffering a stroke, grew up in South Central Los Angeles. In 1991, at first-night screenings in South Central for his debut film Boyz n the Hood, violence broke out. At least one man was killed. The then-23-year-old Singleton remarked about the stress of it: “I think I lost about five years of my life.” He was channeling a bit of conventional wisdom, that extreme stress has lasting effects on health and...

'All The Rage' Isn't About Moms Having It All — It's About Moms Doing It All []

Darcy Lockman conducted interviews with 50 women about the division of labor in their households, and she heard a lot of anger and a lot of gratitude. The gratitude concerned her — here's why: "It was actually a way of walking back their own anger," she says. Women would express legitimate grievances and then say: "But I know women who are in worse situations, so I don't want to complain too much." In her new book, Lockman demonstrates why women have every right to complain. All the Rage:...

Arkansas DHS Receives $3.5 million Grant over Five Years to Help Young Children Who Experience Trauma

Funding will go toward training staff, parents, others in early childhood settings (LITTLE ROCK, Ark.) --- The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education (DCCECE) has been awarded a $3.5 million grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Children & Families that will be used to train staff, parents, and others working with children from birth to 5 years old who have experienced trauma. “Young children in...

There is a resolution to ban spanking!

Mother's Day Wish: Ban Spanking! Https:// In an effort to end child abuse, there is action being taken to protect children and the right to be free from violence. This is such great news to see an op-ed being published in California to encourage a resolution to ban spanking. The US Alliance to End the Hitting of Children was mentioned in the article. If you to wish that spanking could be banned, please join us. We need to speak up on behalf of...

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