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May 2019

‘Overrun,’ ‘Outbred,’ ‘Replaced’: Why Ethnic Majorities Lash Out Over False Fears []

Ask a member of Sri Lanka’s dominant ethnic group why the country seems plagued by racial and religious strife, which is resurging in the wake of terrifying Islamist terrorist attacks, and you will often get the same answer. We are fighting for our very survival, they’ll say. Though the Sinhalese, who are mostly Buddhist, make up three-quarters of the population and dominate politics, many see themselves as an embattled minority. “They’re trying to destroy us — please tell someone in the...

The Dirty Truth about White Liberal Racism []

Since the election of President Donald Trump , there's been a lot of talk about how demographic changes, and the prospect of racial equality, have left his strongest supporters fearful of losing "their" America—which they see as, by rights, a largely white nation. Yet commentators have paid less attention to the fact that many white American liberals harbor some of these same racial fears: a fear of not being part of the majority, and a fear of losing the privileges they were born with.

An Era Defined by Fear []

Another synagogue shooting. Another day of shock. Another lonely fanatic. Another cascade of insecurity and fear. I wonder if we’ve fully grasped how fear pervades our society and sets the emotional tone for our politics. When historians define this era they may well see it above all else as a time defined by fear. The era began on Sept. 11, 2001, a moment when a nation that had once seemed invulnerable suddenly felt tremendously unsafe. In the years since, the shootings have been a series...

Collaborative Members and Partners Featured in Preventative Medicine Journal

The Collaborative is excited to feature the new article, " Adverse childhood experiences and the onset of chronic disease in young adulthood ," from Preventative Medicine . The piece, co-authored by member Stan Sonu, highlights the link between ACEs and chronic disease in young people. Sonu, along with co-authors Sharon Post and Joe Feinglass, analyzed the responses of the more than 86,000 respondents to the 2011-2012 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) to observe patterns of...

The Relentless School Nurse: Generation Lockdown

Please take a few minutes to watch the video before reading this blog post: [youtube] I am asking my school nurse colleagues to share their experiences with active shooter drills. Have you felt the sense of fear that I have? Can you feel the heightened sense of anxiety, even though we know it is a drill? Does your administration alert you that a drill will be happening? How have your students and staff responded? I am curious if...

Want to end ACEs? Ask a young student how.

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are a huge threat to our students, diminishing their capacity to learn and succeed. In all thirty-three counties of New Mexico, an epidemic of trauma exists, spreading like a virus as it is passed down generation after generation. We know from the research that our students suffer when they endure ACEs in the form of abuse, neglect, hunger, and living with parents who misuse substances, are violent, and have untreated mental health challenges. We know in...

Claire’s Story: Claire has shattered. Part 42.

By K. Hecht, P. Berman , & A. Hosack Davy is being so stubborn. He is not listening. He is ignoring me when I say he has to clean up! It was a beautiful day and Claire had taken Davy to the park to play. Everything had gone well for two hours but now they needed to leave. Claire had to go shopping, make dinner, put Davy to bed, and start working on her job resume for her class tomorrow. Claire said clearly, “Davy, if you do not put your toys back in our wagon, I will not give you ice...

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