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June 2018

Young Brain Cells Silence Old Ones to Quash Anxiety [The Scientist]

In adult mice, neurogenesis increases social confidence by suppressing the activity of mature neurons. I f youngsters told their elders to be quiet, stress levels would surely rise. But, when it comes to brain cells, it seems the opposite is true—silencing of old neurons by young ones appears to make an animal more stress resilient. A report today (June 27) in Nature shows that mice whose production of new hippocampal neurons was ramped up suffered less anxiety in a stressful social...

Closer Look: The Plight of Asylum-Seekers in the U.S.; Immigration and Trauma; Archdeacon Juan Sandoval; And More [Station WABE: A Closer Look]

(L-R) Janet Cox, PhD, ACEs Connection member and Atlanta psychologist, Rose Holmes, host of A Closer Look , and Carey Sipp, SE Community Facilitator for ACEs Connection. This week I was a guest on A Closer Look , a news show hosted by journalist Rose Holmes on WABE, the National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate in Atlanta, GA. Psychologist Janet Cox, PhD, joined me on the second segment of the show. We talked about the impact of trauma on children who are separated from their parents, and the...

KPJR Films says: #PreventTraumaBuildResilience

We at KPJR FILMS are deeply disturbed by the zero tolerance policy used by the current administration at the U.S./Mexico border. Separating children from parents causes deep trauma, toxic stress and unnecessary suffering. We all need to take immediate action to become informed on this matter, use our voices and build advocacy in each of our communities and states.

$2.5 million settlement for a West Side family terrorized by Chicago Police

The Chicago City Council Finance Committee today approved a $2.5 million settlement for a West Side family terrorized by Chicago Police in a precedent-setting, excessive force lawsuit charging CPD violated the family’s civil rights by breaking into their home, holding a loaded gun to the chest of a 3-year-old girl while she watched officers put a gun to her grandmother’s head and hit and shake and slam her handcuffed mother’s body against a wall. The full City Council is expected to approve...

Are You Attending a "Families Belong Together" Event Today?

If you are attending a "Families Belong Together" event today, please share news about the event in your city, and photos of you and your group with ACEs Connection. If you are looking for more information about events, please click here . For directions on how to post a blog, please click here .

Protests Planned Nationwide Over Trump Immigration Policy [The New York Times]

PORTLAND, Ore. — Liberal activists, parents and first-time protesters motivated by accounts of children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border plan to rally in hundreds of cities nationwide Saturday to press President Donald Trump's administration to reunite the families quickly. More than 600 marches could draw hundreds of thousands of people across the country, from immigrant-friendly cities like Los Angeles and New York City to conservative Appalachia and Wyoming under the...

College students are forming mental-health clubs — and they’re making a difference []

Mental-health problems among college students have been climbing since the 1990s, according to the American Psychological Association. And with services increasingly stretched at campus health centers, students have been taking action themselves through peer-run mental-health clubs and organizations. The approach appears to be paying off, a new study finds. In what they describe as the largest study of its kind, researchers found that across 12 California colleges, such student-run efforts...

Overlooked No More: Emma Gatewood, First Woman to Conquer the Appalachian Trail Alone []

What the public knew about Emma Gatewood was already remarkable. She was the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail by herself in one season. She was 67 years old, a mother of 11, a grandmother and even a great-grandmother when she accomplished the feat in 1955. And she personified the concept of low-tech, ultralight hiking, spurning a tent and sleeping bag, carrying only a small sack and relying on her trusty Keds. But what the public did not know was equally remarkable. Grandma...

Trauma’s impact on families can’t be overlooked []

Very few among us will go through life without experiencing some sort of trauma. As uncomfortable as it is, it remains part of our human existence. But while trauma may be unavoidable, our responses to that trauma are what matter most. By examining the ways in which we react to trauma both as individuals and as part of our family systems, we can begin to understand our behaviors and move toward more healthy and productive relationships. Defining trauma Simply put, trauma occurs when an...

The 'Rules Of War' Are Being Broken. What Exactly Are They? []

What are the rules of war? It's a timely question in the wake of attacks on civilians, aid workers and hospitals in conflict zones around the world. Just this week, three hospitals in southern Syria were bombed by pro-government forces, according to The Washington Post. After such incidents, there are many references to the "rules of war." [For more on this story by JOANNE LU, go to...

Another Hurdle For Former Inmates: Their Teeth []

Kara Burns walked out of federal prison in 2013 with little more than a bus ticket and a few hundred dollars she’d managed to save inside. She needed to start job-hunting, but like many formerly incarcerated people, she had a problem that made rebuilding her life even more stressful: Bad teeth. Burns’ dental problems started long before her incarceration. For years, she used methamphetamine, which is known to cause devastating tooth damage and gum disease. While in prison for two and a half...

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