August 2016

Virtual Violence []

[Photo by ϟ†Σ ] Abstract In the United States, exposure to media violence is becoming an inescapable component of children’s lives. With the rise in new technologies, such as tablets and new gaming platforms, children and adolescents increasingly are exposed to what is known as “virtual violence.” This form of violence is not experienced physically; rather, it is experienced in realistic ways via new technology and ever more intense and realistic games. The American Academy of Pediatrics...

Support mental health, talk openly about mental illness []

Three out of four Texans report that a mental health issue affects someone they care about. Depression costs Texas employers $15.3 billion overall annually, including $10.9 billion for healthcare, $1.7 billion in absenteeism and $2.7 billion in lost productivity. Mental illness affects us all. Through an initiative called Okay to Say , the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute in Dallas is working to bring people together to increase awareness of mental health issues and the effective...

ACE course teaches adults how to overcome trauma []

What happened wasn’t your fault. ACE Overcomers assures people who take their course they didn’t deserve the trauma dealt them when they were children. Through no fault of their own, they must also deal with the effects of that trauma on their adult lives. People who’ve survived childhood trauma are often prone to sudden outbursts of rage or crying, and they can’t figure out how to stop it. Jamie Graham teaches an ACE Overcomers class each Thursday to show adults how to “regulate” their...

Will Presidential Candidates Oppose Prosecuting Children As Adults? []

As physicians, we are often on the front lines of tragedies such as those in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas recently and in Florida in June. During these troubling times and two contentious national conventions, we are beginning to wonder what changes are in store for our profession and our patients. As first responders, we are intimately aware of what our patients endure after being victims of violence, after witnessing violence or struggling through the stressors of living in communities...