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September 2020

Anger, paralysis, and heavy hearts: Students and educators grapple with Breonna Taylor decision (

By Chalkbeat staff Once again, a justice system declined to bring charges against police officers in the killing of a Black American. Once again, demonstrators took to the streets to protest. Once again, a sense of hopelessness hung over communities. And once again, as one Tennessee educator told us on Thursday, school staff must still “get up and teach and act as if none of yesterday happened.” Throughout this tumultuous year, Chalkbeat has sought to lift up the voices of students and...

Highlights from Michigan—one of four states to receive CDC preventing ACEs project funding

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just launched a three-year, four-state, $6-million project, “Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences: Data to Action (PACE-D2A)” with the potential to energize an already blossoming movement of statewide community-based initiatives to address ACEs. The CDC awards of $500,000 annually for three years, announced on August 25 , were given to the Department of Public Health in Georgia and Massachusetts, the Office of Early Childhood in...

New Iowa ACEs report provides roadmap to improve Iowans' health

Iowa ACEs 360 released a new report that showcases progress made to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), Iowa data on the challenges that still persist, and new opportunities to take action. “After a decade of working to raise awareness of ACEs in Iowa, we are seeing significant efforts to help Iowans heal from ACEs and to prevent ACEs with future generations,” said Nicole Beaman, president of Iowa ACEs 360s’ board of directors and vice president of Orchard Place Child Guidance...

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Violence Prevention Research Award Recipients

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Violence Prevention Research Award Recipients Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood (0-17 years). For example: experiencing violence, abuse, or neglect witnessing violence in the home or community having a family member attempt or die by suicide Also included are aspects of the child’s environment that can undermine their sense of safety, stability, and bonding such as growing up in a...

Recording Available: Rebooting Your Emotional Sobriety hosted by The League of Extraordinary People

Wanted to announce that the recording is available from Wednesday's Rebooting Your Emotional Sobriety event hosted by The League of Extraordinary People and Emerge Thriving! You can access the recording here: I have included the attachments with the PowerPoint slides and the resource for Setting Up Your Healing Network by Tian Dayton. We welcome feedback and inquiries! You can find more info on The League of Extraordinary People at

ACEs Aware in Action September Newsletter

Governor Newsom Unveils Partnership with Sesame Workshop for Back-to-School Public Service Announcements We are excited to share four new back-to-school PSAs from the Sesame Workshop featuring Elmo, Oscar, and Grover. The PSAs are available in English and Spanish, and are designed as resources to help kids adjust to the changes in their school environments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know many of you have patients asking for resources to support children. Feel free to share these PSAs...

As Fires and Floods Wreak Havoc on Health, New Climate Center Seeks Solutions []

By Bernard J. Wolfson , SEPTEMBER 24, 2020, on KHN For the past month, record-breaking wildfires have torched millions of acres from the Mexican border well into Canada, their smoke producing air so toxic that millions of people remained indoors for days on end while many visited hospitals because of respiratory distress. Last week, Hurricane Sally left a trail of watery devastation in Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, even as more storms brewed offshore. All of that on top of...

Black Voters Know Climate Justice Is Racial Justice []

By CHARLES ELLISON , on September 23rd, 2020 , on Yes Magazine It’s not only been a summer season (now autumn) of a deadly pandemic, toxic politics, and social unrest, but the nation has been rocked by a nonstop series of environmental calamities triggered by the human-pressed climate crisis. Hurricane Sally was a destructive slow-moving mix of high winds and epic flooding battering the Gulf Coast and other parts of the South. That was after Hurricane Laura and ahead of an unprecedented...

Moving Away from Top-Down Leadership in Child Welfare []

By PAUL S. DILORENZO , September 24th, 2020, Imprint The trust level between child welfare leaders and local partners will be a key factor in predicting success for any neighborhood-based family support efforts emerging from a Family First Act planning process. One critical move on that path is enmeshing the work of government and community in a way that elevates the latter. At a government-run child welfare agency, personnel have limitations on their authority and responsibility.

The Powerlessness of Forced Labor []

Podcast by Suresh Naidu, September 22nd, 2020, Pitchfork Economics This week, labor market economist Suresh Naidu explains how his field attempts to account for the influence of power while studying employee/employer relationships, and unveils the hidden tricks of the coercive labor market. Suresh Naidu is a professor of economics and international and public affairs at Columbia University as well as a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, external faculty at the Santa Fe Institute, and a...

California Schools Chief’s ’End Hate Initiative’ Prompts Contrast with President Trump []

By JOHN FENSTERWALD , September 22nd, 2020, on Ed Source State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond announced an “Education to End Hate” initiative Monday that he and others presented as an alternative to President Donald Trump’s call for “patriotic education” and as an antidote to acts of hate and hate speech that have risen during his presidency. A $1 million foundation donation kick started the effort. It will include resources and training grants for teachers to teach...

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