PTSD treatment showing promise

"Hardy is one of about 30 patients receiving Stellate Ganglion Block injections in his neck, and he said the shots have worked. "As part of the study, Hardy received three injections that led to relief from his symptoms ranging from one day to three...

ADHD: When meds (and genes) are a failure to act

While reading a 2007  press release  from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), I became unusually hopeful for youths diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A study performed jointly by the NIMH and the...

ACES in the news - Minnesota

"Recent news from the Minnesota Department of Health features a study about the experiences children have growing up and how those impact us as adults. Common sense suggests that if we have traumatic or stressful experiences, they can stay in our...

After Newtown: Reading, Writing, Therapy - PBS Newshour

[PBS is focusing on stories about children, mental health, violence, and disaster trauma] "Two years later, John breathes. He counts. He leaves the room if he needs to calm down. He hasn’t been able to shake all the blood he’s seen on television in recent months -- most of it at the hands of young men -- and he’s promised himself there must be a better way to deal with anger. “It scares me what a person is really capable of doing,” said John,...

"Ask the Expert" Welcomes Dr. Joan Gillece

“Ask the Expert” features an interview with a leading expert on homelessness or co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. The following is an interview [2011] with Dr. Joan Gillece, Project Director for two SAMHSA Centers: The National Center for Trauma Informed Care and the SAMHSA National Technical Assistance Center for the Promotion of Trauma Informed Practice and Prevention of Seclusion and Restraint. ..."