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ACES in the News

" Business leaders back early education as economic development ," in Mainbiz, "Maine's Business News Source," and " DR. PONDER: Healthy family helps fight chronic illness " in OA online , the Odessa American online news source. The Mainbiz article is...

ACE Study in Wisconsin

As a result of the efforts of Dr. Robert Anda, my CDC partner in the ACE Study, a number of States are including the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study measurements in their routine, annual, public health  measures via the BRFSS or...

Social Trauma

Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy interviews clinician’s and thinkers who take a somatic approach , such as using emerging ideas in neuroscience or evolutionary psychology to understand the nature of traumatic stress. This month’s...

A Brief Introduction & 'Hello!'

Hello All -- I am excited to be a part of this online forum, and I hope to be able to both absorb new information and research as well as provide some to this community.  I am a clinical social worker, and the program director of San Francsico's...

Healing the past in the present

As the director of mind-body medicine for a cancer center and a primary care practice, Felitti and Anda's work has tremendous impact. They were each very generous with their time as I incorporated their findings in my book, "You Can Beat the Odds:...

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