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Memory of Traumatic Experience and Biology

Here is an interesting take on how to heal hurtful memories from a wise researcher: The article was in the NEW YORK TIMES online on March 6, 2012.  I am very interested in the topic of resilience and in memory and how to heal from hurtful experiences. Perhaps hurtful experiences have some value--but does the healing from them have even more value?

ACE Study presentations

I was recently in Banff, Alberta, a beautiful place high in the Canadian Rockies, to speak about the ACE Study at the Alberta College of Family Physicians.  It was a fine meeting and a quite interested audience.  Hopefully, some of the...

Resilience resources page started

The Primary Prevention of ACEs group has started a section called RESILIENCE RESOURCES , and added a few resources, including Burtt & Gladys Richardson's parent guide that includes ACEs and resilience surveys, and links to web sites, including , put together by the Children's Resilience Initiative in Walla Walla, WA. Feel free to add more resilience resources to that page in the comments section, and I'll incorporate them into the list.

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