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It is indeed a slippery slope when it comes to labelling people.  It can be helpful at times, I find, but certainly needs to be taken loosely/lightly/with-a-grain-of-salt,  especially if there are reasons that make it understandable why their brain had changed.

The BPD came from the title of the clip posted on Youtube.  

Liked the article by Sebern Fisher.  Much more rounded.

Love how you find and share interesting links from far and wide, Tina. 

Plus reading the other posts on Roy Wade with the folks w/ACEs 8,9,10 they are a different bunch I am thinking the allostatic load of chaos and fear makes those folks unique in their response... And likely a whole more likely not to have had any protective factors and probably a lot of poverty where maslow's basic needs could not be and we're not met much less looking at moving up the pyramid towards self actualization ... Survival needs to come first!
heart math is another site with gadgets that hook to your ear and measure HRV. They recently upgraded their tools but I haven't checked out how I just got an email and I have never used the online graphing stiff because I am not into that kind if data... But Sebern Fisher is my neurofeedback hero and really BPD is a misnomer for terrible early life abuse and neglect ... Here are a few words she has to say

also I love this podcast on shrink wrap radio...  Well I am on my iPhone so hard to move through pages but Google Sebern fisher and you can find the podcast linc on her site!!! Well worth listening to!!!

The standout for me in the video, was the slides he showed at the end in question time, about how the brain looks visually through fMRI, when it has experienced dissociation.  This explains quite a bit, one of which is why yoga, neurofeedback, somantic therapy etc etc can help.  Another piece of the puzzle...


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