Dr. Melissa Merrick Explains CDC's Vital Signs/ACEs Report [5 min - Prevent Child Abuse America]

Dr. Melissa Merrick, president & CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America, provides four key takeaways from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest Vital Signs/ACEs report, of which she is the lead author.

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This is a great video. I share it.  We have come a long way and the push for creating a thriving stable environment is much needed. My wish is that healing the trauma of both parents and the child will be included. Once the patterns and habits of trauma and toxic self-talk are established then the environmental support becomes a hard long road.  Think of a depressed person you can talk positive to them and show love and give good food and this all can help but the words do not reach the habit of the experience of depression or anxiety for that matter. Once the trauma is internalized and becomes the principle feeling and world view then inner healing or inner chance of habit is what is needed. Much like learning a new language. It can be done and for cheap or free. 


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