Health Connections Special: ACEs - Adverse Childhood Experiences [29 min - KRCB North Bay Public Media]

We explore how practices based on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, or ACE Study, are implemented in Sonoma County, CA.

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Thanks for posting!

I appreciate the interviews, information, simplicity of the graphics, and use of existing video resources such as the TedMed piece. All of this comes together clearly in the explanations of the adversity created by adversity, the consequences of ACEs -- including the multi-generational impact -- the unlikely origin of ACEs science, some of the most relevant findings, how there are opportunies for healing for individuals and communities, and how there is hope. It may not be a big-budget blockbuster but it is a very well done video I will share again and again, as I believe it will gently help others understand more about why the time is NOW to prevent ACEs, promote resiliency,  and support efforts to create a trauma-informed society.  

Great work! 

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