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Hi Marion,
Although I'm unaware of a similar questionnaire for middle school students, may I suggest you consider posting an Ask the Community which will reach our 13,000+ members on our network. Hopefully, there are members who have created an age appropriate questionnaire respectively.

  1. Choose where to post your request or questions -- the ACEs Connection main site OR an ACEs Connection group.
  2. Click Post (top right).
  3. Click Topic.
  4. Select Ask the Community from drop down menu (choose general as default).
  5. Type text in Subject.
  6. Type text in Body.
  7. Scroll down to Attachments and click Add Attachment (if applicable).
  8. Scroll and click Publish.

We're so grateful you are part of our family on our ACEs Connection network. How tremendously hopeful our thousands of members are all vested in their own healing journey as we ignite change in our systems supporting healing with who they serve. Our global community of practice will most definitely bring Love and Light to all engaged.

Excellent question Rick. Thank you! Please know our hearts have a brain. Fascinated with this knowledge, I've been learning and researching for years now on how this knowledge can be infused and integrated into every single thing I'm engaged with. Deepening this understanding with the children and youth I facilitate trauma informed - resilience curriculum weekly (ages 8 to 24), one aspect is consistent every week, "How are you feeling in your heart right now? Not, what are you thinking, rather, how are you feeling?" about whatever topic or activity we're engaged with.  

Yes, you are spot on. Ego thoughts are definitely not heart based thoughts.


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Hi Rick,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Bless you... Speaking for myself, my daily mindfulness practice instills my intention of remaining heart based in my thoughts, actions and choices. Practicing this daily (for many years), I'm able to remain grounded and centered. At times, it's the peacefulness within the chaos... We must practice our own self-compassion and self-love. Such a worthy endeavor for all of us. Can we imagine how the culture of our entire world would be if this was our daily intention and how we interact with everyone around us...

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