Listening to Killers: Bringing Developmental Psychology into the Courtroom in Murder Cases (59 min)

James Garbarino of Loyola University describes his efforts to bridge the gap in legal proceedings between the 'social history' typically provided by social work and the 'diagnosis' provided by clinical psychology

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The video is a very informative introduction to his book "Listening to Killers". I highly recommend this video to anyone thinking of reading the book. The book was excellent also.  Leif, do you think you could put the clip on the two justice groups? I think it would go nicely there. Thanks Tina

The most violent criminals where the most abused as Children.
Violence is created as a result of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

 Most killers should be understood as traumatized children who inhabit and control the minds, hearts and bodies of adult men

said Garbarino, Cornell professor emeritus of human development and the Maude C. Clarke Chair in Humanistic Psychology at Loyola University in Chicago 

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