Opioids & Early Adversity: Connecting Childhood Trauma and Addiction (National Conference of State Legislatures: Webinar - 35 pages - 4.6.18)

This webinar will explore the connection between ACEs and the opioid epidemic. Speakers will discuss how ACEs can affect later substance misuse, including the intergenerational impacts on families. Experts and legislators will highlight potential policy

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Good morning Dana,

This is Prosper Waukon, (you probably never heard of me). I am requesting that the ACE’s information I have been receiving at this email,<> be discontinued.
My new email address is:<>. Please continue sending all ACE’s information to my new email address. I will be retired from the Gila River Indian Community TERO Program as of today and the email address I have been using for ACE’s. I still wish to receive all the information from ACE’s

I believe that the TRAUMA issues facing Indian Country today needs our Indigenous Wisdom and Indigenous Leadership more than ever. So many of our people have forgotten that for eons Indigenous peoples have provided Indigenous leadership based on this ancient wisdom. Leadership techniques which cannot be taught in the classrooms, seminars or workshops. Servant leadership, clan leadership and family leadership are all based on tribal indigenous wisdom.

I will continue to support all American Indian and Indigenous trauma initiatives in any way I can. Thank you for all you do for getting the ACE’s information out to β€œIndian Country.”

Note* Dan or Ken, can you make sure Dana gets this email. I do not know her direct email address.

Prosper Waukon- TERO Compliance Officer
Sacaton: (520) 562-3387/88
Phoenix: (480) 963-0902/03
Casa Grande (520) 836-9153
Fax Number: (520) 562-3590


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