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Roxana Garcia Chelin posted:

Hello-- Thank you for such a colorful and informative flyer, but sadly I was not able to print the Spanish one. There is a error,  first I couldn't downloaded it then went I send it to the printer it shown as an error. I don't know if one else is experiencing this too?

Thanks for your comment. I just opened the blog post and am able to download the post and print it out by clicking this link (download the pdf). However, I'm going to tag a few of my co-workers to see if they can check as well if they are able to download and print. @Carey S. Sipp (ACEs Connection Staff) and @Donielle Prince (ACEs Connection Staff)@Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff) would you mind checking if you are able to download and print the ACEs flyer in Spanish and report back, please?? 



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