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ACEs Connection Changemaker Campaign

Why I Support ACEs Connections

I am a donor to ACEs Connection, because I truly believe we are creating a culture of connection and support together. It takes all of us to do this important work and appreciate the network for sharing best practices and encouraging each other during regular webinars. Thank you!!! #culture #leadership #network #mentalhealth #trauma #wellbeing #resilience #mentalhealthawareness #community

Why I Support ACEs Connection

( Very special thanks to ACEs Connection staff member, Carey Sipp and my colleague Dr. Andi Clements for their collaboration on this article.) It was 2014 when I first learned about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study while working for the local police department. After writing a grant to fund a Family Justice Center, I heard Dr. Vincent Felitti, one of the authors of the 1998 Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, speak at a Family Justice Conference in California. About thirty...

ACEs Changemaker Matching Grant Campaign receives $6,243 in the first week!

In the first week of the ACEs Changemaker Matching Grant Campaign, 32 very generous people donated $6,243! We are so very grateful. A very generous funder has given us a matching grant for $50,000!! So, if we can raise $50,000 from the ACEs Connection community, as well as from those who believe in ACEs science, this wonderful funder will match any contribution that comes through our donation button up to $50,000. Last week, I mentioned in general terms what the funds would spent on. I...

Why I support ACEs Connection: To join a community that shares the truths of ACEs science and motivates action

My heart broke for my children when I first read the 1998 CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, mailed to me by a mentor in 2000. I wept about my high score (9) and then shoved the report in a drawer, resolving to not pass on the pain and to minimize my children’s ACEs. That report scared the hell out of me. Years later, I plowed through the report again in earnest, and learned that most of my quirky behaviors: inability to focus, trouble with relationships, earlier...

We've got a $50,000 matching grant!

A very generous donor, who prefers to remain anonymous, has given ACEs Connection a $50,000 matching grant! If ACEs Connection’s members contribute $50,000 between now and the end of this year, our donor will match it with $50,000. "Changing the world — our culture of how we deal with people —is a huge task and takes a very large village, “ the anonymous donor says of the challenge grant. “ACEs Connection is a superb and effective leader of our village." This is our first concerted effort to...

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