Growing Resilient Communities 2.0

Nearly 20 communities on ACEs Connection launch Community Presentation Trackers

As part of the rollout of Growing Resilient Communities 2.0 late last year, we provided communities with an interactive tool that maps the presentations a local ACEs science initiative does in that community. So far, nearly 20 communities, out of about 150 on ACEs Connection, have launched presentation trackers, including Maryland and Arkansas. (A full list is at the bottom of this blog post.) Growing Resilience Communities 2.0 provides communities basic guidelines to growing their ACEs...

Organizing Your ACEs Initiative: Steps to Growing A Resilient Community

The information below is to be used as guidance for how local ACEs initiatives can structure and organize themselves. We’ve gathered this information from experiences in communities and on ACEs Connection; we've pulled examples of things that work & lessons learned along the way. We want your input — in the comments section, please share with us things we have missed, examples of what’s working for you, and any lessons you have learned and would like to share with the members of ACEs...

The ACEs Connection Community Tracker — Presentations Tracker

ACEs Connection Community Tracker is an extremely useful tool for local ACEs initiatives to measure their progress as they educate their community about ACEs science. Here's a link to Northeast Tennessee's Community Tracker . It maps the presentations that your ACEs initiative has made. It tracks: who did the presentation, to what organization, when the presentation took place, how many people attended identifies the sector and subsector of those attending. To accompany the presentation map,...

Grow Your Resilient Community: Reasons to Start a Community Site on ACEs Connection

Attached find a handout about reasons to start an ACEs Connection Community site. You can print and share with community members (see attached). If you want to learn more or get started contact any of us at ACEs Connection Network or send an email to Grow Your Resilient Community: Start a Community Site on ACEs Connection Build the capacity of your city, town, region, or state to address complex ACE-related social and health issues by establishing a...

ACEs Connection Community Tracker — Milestones

The ACEs Connection Community Milestones Tracker helps track how many steps towards becoming trauma-informed an organization has taken. These milestones were chosen by ACEs Connection based on an extensive literature review of evidence-based self assessments. Here's a link to Northeast Tennessee's Community Milestones Tracker. How did we choose these milestones? After examining many trauma-informed assessment tools for several different sectors, we chose 11 milestones that are common to...

Helpful Tips for Using ACEs Connection

Attached find a downloadable "Helpful Tips" sheet for information about how to do some common tasks on ACEs Connection. You can download and print this document for reference and share with friends and colleagues! You can also find our complete list of "How Tos" as well HERE. If you think anything else you need assistance with on ACEs Connection, feel free to add a comment below. Thank you, Gail