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The Healing Place Podcast: Rev. Connie Habash - Awakening from Anxiety; Psycho-Spiritual Tools, & 7 Keys to Overcoming Anxiety

Over the last 27 years, she has helped hundreds of students and clients overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and spiritually awaken. Rev. Connie is also committed to nurturing and heart-centered spiritual community. She leads online programs worldwide, as well as retreats, workshops, and yoga teacher trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Addiction & Mental Health Resources for Veterans

Addiction Resources for Veterans Serving in the military naturally puts you at a higher risk of injury and death. It also puts you at a higher risk for developing a substance use disorder. Even if you were never sent to war, you may have experienced military sexual trauma, difficulty in adjusting to civilian life, or a mental health condition that resulted from the stress of serving. A serious injury during training or a sexual assault can cause trauma and PTSD. It’s not just combat that can...

Trauma Doesn't Stop at the School Door: Zoom Book Launch

This new book, focused on student success in a world filled with trauma, is releasing officially on June 22 at 5:00 p.m. EST in a Zoom launch sponsored by Teachers College Press. Details are in the flyer below and there is a panel discussion on the book and its impact on educational outcomes, including those related to pre-pandemic trauma, pandemic traumatization and racial tension trauma. The book is available in three formats: hard cover, paperback and ebook. Ebook is discounted by TC...

The Journey to Ready4K Trauma-Informed

It began with a request from a small rural coastal town. They needed a new way to support families facing some of the biggest challenges. Their community was experiencing trauma at a higher rate than the surrounding towns. Community members were not getting the services they desperately needed to navigate challenges.

Resilience During COVID-19

Resilience is a muscle that needs to be built with practice. A few short months ago we were all sharing our plans and goals for 2020 – a new decade full of hope and possibilities…resilience is called for more than at any other time in our lives. Now we are all trying to navigate a whole new world. We’re trying to learn how to cope up with the stress caused by coronavirus, how to protect our emotional health, how to manage work life balance, how to deal with anxiety and fear in these times,...

Summer Peacebuilding Institute - Online classes - Apply now !

The Summer Peacebuilding Institute is going online! For 25 years we have been gathering peace and justice practitioners in Harrisonburg, Virginia, every May and June. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen this year. But we are not going to let COVID-19 stop the Summer Peacebuilding Institute ! As the world navigates a global pandemic and economic upheaval, SPI Online 2020 will provide a space to learn from one another, to connect and encourage one another, and time to collectively...

Anchoring Resilience for Turbulent Times - Free Webinar

The coronavirus pandemic has stirred up so much for all of us. You may be experiencing a variety of emotions and responses right now – anxiety, anger, hopelessness and also compassion and the urge to connect. This is appropriate and normal, especially since regular life has been upended and things have been changing so quickly. With so much uncertainty before us, we’re collectively searching for ways to make sense of things and create new normals. In light of the challenges we are facing,...

Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools Webinar Series: Video links and slide decks

Hi Team, I just wanted to share a series of webinars that I co-hosted with Aperture Education. Having worked with hundreds of schools for SEL implementation and program support for many years, many contexts, and with many wonderful educators, it has become clear that ACEs/trauma awareness has become essential, foundational information to cover. This webinar series touches on the tips of a few large 'ice bergs', so please keep that in mind. The process of becoming truly trauma informed is a...

Quantification of Neighborhood-Level Social Determinants of Health in the Continental United States []

By Marynia Kolak, Jay Bhatt, Yoon Hong Park, et al., January 29, 2020 Key Points Question How do social determinants of health vary across multiple dimensions and geographic space? Findings In this cross-sectional study of 71 901 census tracts with approximately 312 million persons across the continental United States, multivariate social determinants of health measures were reduced to 4 indices reflecting advantage, isolation, opportunity, and mixed immigrant cohesion and accessibility and...

The Healing Place Podcast on Pandora

Thank you for listening, your support and encouragement as I continue to grow the reach of this healing space, to all ACEs Connection members who have joined me on air to share your brilliant insights and shine your beautiful light of hope, your positive feedback, and for liking and sharing these hope-infused interviews on social media. You are the reason this show continues to grow its global reach . . . downloaded in 52 countries and counting!

The Healing Place Podcast - Dr. Kristin Beasley "Dr. B." - Bullying

Dr. B. is a Professional Keynote Speaker, Certified iPEC Coach, and an Organizational Trainer. She strives to take very complex concepts and make them manageable and understandable. Let’s talk about qualifications, briefly, she has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Parent-Child Mental Health (PIMH) and a strong emphasis in Neuropsychology.

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