Developmental Trauma: New thinking, new treatment, new challenges


Abuse, assault and neglect in early childhood impact every major system in the human brain from the brainstem to the cortex, from the sense of balance to the sense of self.

These disruptions in brain development have far reaching implications for the treatment of those who have suffered these histories.

This 16-week live webinar series led by Sebern Fisher will explore an integrated therapeutic approach using trauma-informed psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and trauma-informed body work to deeply address the terrible aftermath of developmental trauma.

  • Content:
    • Explore how the realities of the impaired self system in the brain manifest in the treatment room.
    • Explore the implications for psychotherapy when there is no established self/other brain network.
    • Examine how arousal at the level of the brain contributes to a sense of self and/or a fragmented self.
    • Discuss the primacy of motherlessness in those with histories of developmental trauma.
    • Discuss how the felt experience of motherlessness can be influenced by neurofeedback within a therapeutic relationship.
    • Discuss the transference and counter-transference dilemmas of motherlessness and how brain regulation can affect both.
    • Explore the therapies that address the body that’s keeping the score and how brain regulation relates to these approaches.
    • Discuss the changing and central role of the therapist who integrates neurofeedback and psychotherapy.
  • Price: $549.00 for 8 sessions below
  • Dates
    • US Feb 3, 2019 5pm ET / AU Feb 4, 2019 9am AEDT 
    • US Feb 10, 2019 5pm ET / AU Feb 11, 2019 9am AEDT
    • US Feb 24, 2019 5pm ET / AU Feb 25, 2019 9am AEDT
    • US Mar 3, 2019 5pm ET / AU Mar 4, 2019 9am AEDT 
    • US Mar 10, 2019 6pm EDT / AU Mar 11, 2019 9am AEDT 
    • US Mar 17, 2019 6pm EDT / AU Mar 18, 2019 9am AEDT
    • US Mar 24, 2019 6pm EDT / AU Mar 25, 2019 9am AEDT 
    • US Mar 31, 2019 6pm EDT / AU Apr 1, 2019 9am AEDT
    • US Apr 7, 2018 7pm EDT / AU Apr 8, 2018 9am AEST

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Once again Sebern Fisher exceeds expectations. In this indepth and comprehensive webinar we are journeying from cutting edge neuroscience on how the traumatized brain devlopes, into the implecations of this for the client-therapist diad. Our next sessions promise  further specifics on treating those with traumatized brains through the use of neurofeedback, along with more on how we as therapists can shape this deep theraputic journey with our often fragile and resilient patients.

Dare we say that the implications of Seber's work suggests more DTD people may leave behind the label of Survior to pick up the mantle of Thriver. I want more each session and look forward to the remaining sessions in this segment and the 8 sessions pending for the winter 2019 segment. Seminal work that inspires in this way stands out in the plethora of rich teachings coming our way as brain science and psychology become the allies are meant to be.