Dynamic Mindfulness Training Day 1: Foundations

Oakland, CA

Research shows that modeling mindfulness is one of the most effective ways you can improve your students' behaviors and emotions.

Dynamic Mindfulness Foundation focuses on self-care as the first step in sharing these valuable tools with students. You will learn why it is essential to heal before you teach through an investigation of the science of how Dynamic Mindfulness works. You will also develop skills to be able to incorporate Dynamic Mindfulness into your life, providing you with greater personal and professional sustainability.

This training is based on our comprehensive, CASEL approved curriculum. Participants will receive a copy of this book as part of the training.

Aces Connection members receive a 25% discount off the full price of the training using the code DM25Feb19  More information and to register.


Niroga Training Center at Oakland Peace Center's Fellowship Hall 259 29th Street, Oakland CA 94611 (diagonal from Grocery Outlet) Please note that wheelchair accessible bathrooms are not yet available at the training center.

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