New Federal Opportunities: A Webinar - Ascend - The Aspen Institute

Please join us for a webinar on new opportunities in the federal budget. Because of recent legislation and budget appropriations passed earlier this year, the federal government will be providing significant new funding to state and local governments in 2018 and future years through an array of programs serving children and parents with low incomes. These new funding streams, and the legislation’s increased focus on improving outcomes using evidence-based approaches, create a remarkable opportunity for path-breaking governors and local leaders to transform how government tackles intergenerational poverty.  

This webinar and the accompanying report, New Federal Opportunities, will explore:

  • The most significant new funding streams available to support ground-breaking two-generation approaches, which will provide over $4.6 billion in additional 2018 funding and could provide much more in future years; 
  • How leading states and counties are already preparing to tap these new funds to test or scale up evidence-based two-generation strategies with community partners; and  
  • Concrete steps that all jurisdictions can take to leverage these new federal resources to improve outcomes for children and families while improving government efficiency. 


  • Anne Mosle, Vice President, Aspen Institute; Executive Director, Ascend at the Aspen Institute
  • Kathryn Stack, Consultant, former Advisor for Evidence Based- Innovation and  Deputy Associate Director for Education, Income Maintenance and Labor at the Office of Management and Budget
  • Roxane White, Innovator in Residence, Ascend at the Aspen Institute

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