The Art and Science of Connecting Mind, Body, and Emotion for Student Success Conference - Scotts Valley, CA

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The Art and Science of Connecting Mind, Body, and Emotion for Student Success Conference will bring together educators, instructional coaches, school leaders, policymakers, and researchers to learn and discuss how we can optimize student engagement, learning, and overall health and wellbeing of our students from Pre-K through 12th grade.

With guidance from scientists, researchers, and educators, we’ll delve into the neuroscience of learning and examine the role of emotions as related to motivation, relationships, and success in school and life. We’ll advance our understanding of the impacts of stress on mental and physical health and learn about protective factors such as cultural responsiveness and pro-social culture, climate, and community. We’ll hear promising practices from the field and directly from students and teachers as they share their journey to cultivating schools of well-being.

Following each keynote speaker, we’ll have opportunities to dialogue with and learn from one another. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, we’ll offer a number of concurrent workshop sessions, providing choice based on interest and need. Throughout the conference we’ll be surfacing and supporting one another with problems of practice, and engaging in collaborative action planning.

You will leave the conference with ideas and plans to:

• Integrate strategies and practices in teaching and leading that cultivate the emotional, cognitive, and physical health of students and educators

• Influence classroom and school environments to be increasingly pro-social and mitigate impacts of stress for educators and students

• Implement practices that cultivate positive relationships with self and others

• Be a champion for schools of well-being that are whole-child oriented and connect mind, body, and emotions in everyday instruction.

By collectively exploring the interrelatedness of mind, body, and emotions, sharing our successes and challenges, and brainstorming innovative ideas, we will walk away with new insights and creative ideas to implement within each of our contexts and further the mission of creating schools for learning, health, and well-being where students and educators thrive! IMPORTANT: Once you register for the conference, please call 1440 Multiversity at 844-544-1440 to reserve your place in individual workshops.

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