TIMBo For Organizational Resilience

The Non Profit Center

A workshop for  leaders in Health Care and Human Services

TIMBo is a revolutionary, universally accessible model for transforming stress and trauma in individuals, organizations and communities to create more empathetic and effective systems of care.

Clinicians, managers, teachers and providers who integrate just the first of the TIMBo Method’s 7 Embodied Resources in their work immediately begin experiencing less stress-reactivity, leading to more effective outcomes, a greater sense of efficacy, and more satisfaction in their jobs.

In this 5-hour experiential workshop, you will learn:

  • How adverse experiences/ACEs imprint in the body during development
  • How that imprint is directly related to the stress you experience now
  • How these imprints manifest in the long term in individuals and organizations
  • 7 Embodied Resources for wellbeing that you, your staff, and your clients can access
  • How TIMBo practices reverse the effects of stress and trauma to build more effective systems of care


89 South Street, Boston, MA

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