Yoga for Trauma Recovery (Los Angeles, CA)

The California Endowment

Basic yoga tools for anyone working with families impacted by toxic stress in their homes or communities, as well as for improving your own health and wellbeing.

This training combines physical practice with the latest science on trauma and recovery. You will learn basic yoga and mindfulness techniques to practice in any environment – from the classroom to the office – to bring balance and peace to the mind and body. These tools provide a foundation for a practice that can alleviate and even resolve some of the common impacts of trauma, such as depression, anxiety and health issues, as well as build resilience to toxic stress.

You do not need to have a yoga practice to benefit from this training!

This training will cover:

  • How trauma impacts the brain and nervous system
  • How our story shows up in our body and body memory
  • Yoga poses to regulate the nervous system and promote good health
  • Breath work, mindfulness and other regulation techniques
  • Tools for discharge, resourcing and embodiment
  • Fundamentals of trauma-informed practice
  • Insights on teaching basic yoga tools in community settings


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1000 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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