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Fear’s Greatest Vaccination: Courage (Pre Collegiate Global Health Review)

Vulnerability, beyond all other devices of human expression, is a great equalizer for the conditions of our society. When we expose our struggles and trauma to those in power, it is not burdening weakness that they feel, but rather it is the accountability to change. While this fact remains, the courage of vulnerability is grappling with a losing battle to stigma and discrimination within cultures that were built to unite us. Despite this past year forcing physical vulnerability in more ways...

Community X Empowerment for Adult Children Impacted by a Parent's Addiction

WE ARE NOT ALONE Using our RESILIENCE to break the cycle of trauma and move forward with healing. --------------- Register Here: --------------- Approximately 1/5 children (including adult children) have experienced their parent's addiction, so we KNOW that we are NOT alone in our experiences. But we also know that it can FEEL incredibly lonely. That's why we have created this series: COMMUNITY X EMPOWERMENT In this 3 part series,...

Seeking Middle School and High School Youth Leaders!

We are looking for Middle School and High School student leaders for two new student-led initiatives with the 16 Strong Project. The time is now. Given the raging COVID-19 pandemic that has upended all of our lives, our youth are struggling. It is imperative that we engage and listen to students about their needs. We need to educate them on what it means to face adversity and more importantly, how we can overcome it and thrive despite that adversity. Arguably every single young person now...

Welcome to the 16 Strong Community!

WELCOME to our community! We are so glad you are here. 16 Strong works with adolescents to empower resilience to ACEs through educational workshops, school partnerships, and community outreach. We strive to continue conversations that help young people navigate the challenges they are facing as a result of ACEs. In this community, we hope to engage individuals who work directly with youth ages 12-25, as well as young professionals in the 18-25 age range themselves. 16 Strong focuses...

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