All Children Excel (ACE) Nashville (TN)

The mission of ACE Nashville is to prevent and mitigate the lifelong impact of childhood adversity to improve the safety, health and prosperity of our community. Our vision is for Nashville, and Tennessee, to be a safe, stable, and nurturing community for all.

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Want to crack ACEs in the Corporate world? Read this-

Business is the toughest door to get in when it comes to ACEs work, but chambers of commerce hold (some) of the keys to government when it comes to shaping the local civic space. If you're inclined to leverage the profit world, this brief can serve as a sign post to find the sweet spot between ethical responsibility and economic prosperity. The Future of Work Begins with a City's Youngest Residents

The Architecture of Happiness

Putting the E in SSNRE (safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments). Check out CityLab's assessment of programs looking to change the space for children in urban poverty. Also highlights UNICEF's "Shaping Urbanization for Children: A Handbook on Child-Responsive Urban Planning." Would anyone have an interest in starting an Architecture community here?

Trauma-Informed is Messy Business…

Words like trauma-informed and resiliency get thrown around a lot these days. And for many, the visions they call up are a bit too glossy. You see resiliency and trauma-informed aren’t always pretty. Resiliency can look like closing the bathroom door and collapsing in tears… but then washing your face and going back into the world, carrying the belief that you can survive and the hope that things will get better. It looks like begrudgingly going on that walk with a friend, when the little...

Starting & Growing Resilient Communities: Series Overview [Video]

The first session of the Starting & Growing Resilient Communities: Online & IRL (In Real Life) was a success. Over 100 ACEs Connection members tuned in despite some issues with registration. I have embedded the video in this post. You have also find the video on the ACEs Connection site here . If you have any questions about the series, please contact Ingrid Cockhren , TN & Midwest Community Facilitator.

Twin Cities PBS Documentary Series about ACE's

PBS will be airing a documentary series on ACE's. If you do not have this station at home, each episode is available to watch online after it has aired ( The Documentary Series Whole People airs Sunday nights on TPT MN at 7 p.m. (CST) beginning January 13 running through February 10, 2019. The documentary series is the result of a three-year partnership between CentraCare and TPT MN. Watch the Documentaries Episode #1 (January 13th) Episode #2 (January...

30 people can end ACEs in your county. Why aren’t they?

No, we don’t need the president nor congress. We do need the following people in your county to stop business as usual and focus on preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). City mayors City counselors County commissioners School board members These local elected leaders—many of them your neighbors and colleagues—have the capacity to collectively understand the emotional and financial costs of ACEs and trauma. We can’t have family-friendly cities and counties while we live in an...

What If I Told You?

What if I told you that I was a victim of child sex abuse? As a survivor of child sexual abuse , I have a clear understanding of the importance of addressing stigma and shame as it pertains to sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. Victims, especially young children, often do not disclose sexual abuse. Those who are witnesses of child sexual abuse, or who are trusted by survivors enough that they confide in them, are often ill-equipped to handle the responsibility. And, many times, parents...

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