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Just Belonging: Finding the Courage to Interrupt Bias | Kori Carew


A moment of racial tension presents a choice. Will we be silent about implicit and unconscious bias, or will we interrupt bias for ourselves and others? Justice, belonging, and community are at stake.

Kori Carew is a community builder who generates awareness and understanding of critical human issues by creating the space and climate for open dialogue that is meaningful, enables people to expand their perspective and drive positive change.

With grace and truth, she is a disruptor, womanist and social justice advocate. With a multi-national, multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual family background she brings a keen sensitivity to belonging and inclusion across differences and creating space for the under-represented. Kori pushes against the paradigms that divide communities and hold back individual potential, and at the center of her perspectives and passion is her faith. Kori Carew is a feminist and social justice advocate who was born in Canada, grew up as a Sierra Leonean, raised in Nigeria pushing against paradigms that attempt to dictate the direction of individual choices and -isms that divide communities.

Using advocacy and organizational strategy to address structural barriers to diversity in the workplace, she brings an incisive voice unapologetic questioning of the status quo, and a lifelong fascination of human potential to empowering women and marginalized people and improving inclusion.

Kori's drive toward redefining the circle of belonging fuels her work in the marketplace as well as in her community.

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