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Century-Old Summer Camp for NYC Kids to Close Amid YMCA's $100M Financial Hole

I've been with DCF for nearly 15 years and for the first 10 years or so I was a child protection worker, and while in that role, I sent numerous children to YMCA Camp Huguenot . The experiences had by my kids at Camp Huguenot was LIFE CHANGING! It saddens me to know that so many children will no longer be able to attend Camp Huguenot and reconnect with friends especially during these trying times. The Greater New York YMCA said that because of pandemic losses to the tune of $100 million, the...

50,000 members strong! ACEs Connection invites you to celebrate, reminisce and commemorate our collective growth

On March 4th at 12 pm PT (3 pm ET), we’re stopping for an hour to gather around Zoom screens to celebrate the work of ACEs Connection. We’d love for you to join us to share stories about how we learned about ACEs science, what happened in our personal and work lives as a result of joining ACEs Connection, and what we hope the long-term impact of this knowledge will be. In addition to you who celebrate with us, we'll have other guests, including Ann Borowiec (NJ Resiliency Coalition member) ,...

Eleventh Annual New Jersey Children's Ball

Call for Nominations NJAAP Champion for Children Award The NJ Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, is pleased to announce a CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the CHAMPION FOR CHILDREN AWARD The Champion for Children Award recognizes the strengths and accomplishments of a person and/or group of people and will be presented on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at The Palace at Somerset Park. We are asking any and all to submit their nomination via the instructions listed below. Deadline for submissions...

How are law enforcement leaders using ACEs science to change policing?

Eleven years ago, Pennsylvania Executive Deputy Attorney General Robert Reed learned about the landmark Adverse Childhood Experiences Study , which linked childhood trauma to a higher risk of aggression, substance abuse, suicide and many life-threatening mental and physical diseases later in life. For him, it was a revelation. “The [ACE Study] gave me the language to understand what I felt, but didn’t have the language to express,” Reed said. “I had been in law enforcement for 30 years and...

Healing-Centered Engagement Event

Healing-Centered Engagement Learn more about a new pilot program to help NJ schools address adversity and trauma NJPSA/FEA invites all public school superintendents, school and teacher leaders, and family/community organizations to attend an Information Session on February 4 to learn about an exciting and innovative initiative. In partnership with over 100 education and community leaders across the state, the NJPSA/FEA-led team has researched and designed a school framework to address adult...

*NEW PUBLICATION* Chronic Disease Among African American Families: A Systematic Scoping Review

Chronic diseases are common among African Americans, but the extent to which research has focused on addressing chronic diseases across multiple members of African American families is unclear. This systematic scoping review summarizes the characteristics of research addressing coexisting chronic conditions among African American families, including guiding theories, conditions studied, types of relationships, study outcomes, and intervention research.

A Statewide Vision to Address the Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences: A Conversation with New Jersey’s Office of Resilience Leadership

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) — such as abuse, neglect, exposure to violence, family dysfunction, and racism — can negatively impact a child’s developing brain and body, as well as long-term health and social outcomes. In New Jersey, over 40 percent of children are estimated to have experienced at least one ACE, with 18 percent experiencing multiple ACEs. Given the prevalence of ACEs and their potential life-long consequences, New Jersey is coordinating a statewide strategy to...

Weekly Highlights

Neighborhood conditions associated with children’s cognitive function November 4, 2020 U.S. National Institutes of Health A study published today in JAMA Network Open shows that children from poorer neighborhoods perform less well on a range of cognitive functions, such as verbal ability, reading skills, memory, and attention, and have smaller brain volumes in key cognitive regions compared to those from wealthier neighborhoods. While multiple studies have shown that household socioeconomic...

Weekly Highlights

Murphy signs bill to release thousands of N.J. prisoners early beginning the day after Election Day On October 19th, Governor Murphy signed legislation to free those trapped inside New Jersey jails, prisons, and halfway houses, where they face the worst COVID-19 outbreak of any prison system in the country. We anticipate that over 2,000 men and women within 8 months of their release date will gain relief from Public Health Emergency Credits, and will be released in the first week of...

Share Your COVID-19 Experience

Share Your COVID-19 Experience Community Conversations, New Jersey’s COVID-19 Storytelling Project, is a collaboration between the NJ YMCA State Alliance and NJ Department of Health to gather NJ residents’ accounts of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic: how we’ve struggled, survived, and how New Jersey should – can – improve. By listening to these accounts, we can better support our State’s healing process and form the building blocks of a more resilient, compassionate, and Healthy New Jersey.

The Relentless School Nurse: America's School Nursing Crisis Came at the Worst Time

This article from The Saturday Evening Post shares a brief history of school nursing from one pandemic to the next, and I (Robin Cogan) am honored to have my work included. I never spoke directly to Nicholas Gilmore, the journalist. He listened to a podcast I did on RN-Mentor and read recent blog posts about COVID. It has taken a pandemic for the nation to understand the importance of school nursing. I can only imagine what the original school nursing pioneers, Lillian Wald and Lina Rogers,...

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