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Janet Mock

New York Times bestselling author Janet Mock continues to make history as a writer, director, and advocate. In 2018, Mock became the first transgender woman of color to write and direct an episode of television. Most recently, she signed a three-year multimillion-dollar contract with Netflix, making her the first openly transgender woman of color to sign a deal with a major content company. Mock hopes that her creations will continue to “empower people and equip them to tell their own...

Renee Richards | Juliette Gordon Low | Angie Xtravaganza |

Renee Richards Long before Caitlyn Jenner came out, pro-tennis player Renee Richards shook up the sports world when she came out as a transgender woman. She made even greater waves later, when she returned to tennis and sued the United States Tennis Association, the Women's Tennis Association, and the United States Open Committee for her right to compete as a woman. Although she was one of the first to take on that battle (and win!), Richards doesn't consider herself a pioneer. She told GQ...

Simone de Beauvoir | Marlene Dietrich | Bell Hooks

Simone de Beauvoir An outspoken political activist, writer and social theorist, in 1949 de Beauvoir wrote The Second Sex , an ahead-of-its-time book credited with paving the way for modern feminism. In the influential (and at the time, extremely controversial) book, de Beauvoir critiques the patriarchy and social constructs faced by women. The Second Sex was banned by The Vatican and even deemed "pornography" by some —a fearless start to the fight for feminism. Marlene Dietrich While her...

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