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COVID-19 Parental Resources Kit []

Children and Young People’s Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) can affect children and young people directly and indirectly. Beyond getting sick, many young people’s social, emotional, and mental well-being has been impacted by the pandemic. Trauma faced at this developmental stage can continue to affect them across their lifespan. [ Please click here for more information and to access resources .]

Effects of positive and negative childhood experiences on adult family health []

By Chantel L. Daines, Dustin Hansen, M. Lelinneth B. Novilla, et al., BMC Public Health, April 5, 2021 Abstract Background The objective of the study was to determine the association between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and positive childhood experiences (PCEs) with family health in adulthood. Prior research indicates that ACEs and PCEs affect individual physical and mental health in adulthood. However, little is known about how ACEs and PCEs affect family health. Families develop...

Study of Twins Shows Harsh Parental Discipline Tied to More Misbehavior []

By The Imprint Staff Reporters, The Imprint, March 29, 2021 In a study of twins aimed at teasing out answers to an aspect of the classic nature-versus-nurture debate, researchers have found that the child who was more harshly disciplined than the sibling twin was more likely to develop more behavior problems. This was determined by researchers at three prominent universities who studied sibling pairs treated differently by their parents. Among the 1,030 sets of twins studied were 426 pairs...

Natalie Audage Joins PACEs Connection

Natalie Audage, new PACEs family and community resources lead, says her middle and high school education in dictatorships – Aleppo, Syria and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – where her parents were teachers on the international circuit, made her realize that human rights were not universal. That’s why a light bulb went off in her senior year at Princeton University, when the chemistry major took a class on human rights. She realized she could combine her love of science with her desire to help the...

Discussion Topics

Robbyn Peters Bennett

Corona, Racism, Financial Stress, Online Schooling - PARENTS are stressed and need our help!

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This has been a brutal year, especially on kids and their parents! Research says parents are YELLING more, SPANKING more and that the mental health of children is on the decline. Research suggests child abuse in on the rise. SO MUCH STRESS! Parents really need us right now. Help us create a community of care! We are launching the 6th annual NoSpank Challenge to help parents learn... Brain development (and what is normal!) How to parent non-violently How to talk to your children in a way that...Read More...
Christine Cissy White

Coronavirus Stress Supports & New AC Community: Balancing ACEs with HOPE Featured

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Hi Everyone: I hope you are holding up o.k. I know it's early days but I'm already pretty stretched, strained, and worried. So, if you didn't see on the main page, I wanted to draw your attention to a few free things that are nurturing, calming, and can help you, especially if you are parenting and parenting with ACEs. I know I'm not the best parent I can be when I'm in survival mode so these things are welcome. Please share others as I know there are resources being offered to those that...Read More...
Melissa L. McPheeters

ACES/Resilience Surveys w/Parents

· 4 replies Melissa L. McPheetersChristine Cissy WhiteMelissa L. McPheetersChristine Cissy White
Hello all, I work at an Early Learning Center and we will be presenting on ACES and Resilience to the parents of preschoolers. One of the aspects we have debated is when to offer them the ACES and Resilience surveys. However, after reading I am wondering what purpose it would ultimately serve (and what unintended consequences it may have) to give parents the surveys. It would be optional, and...Read More...

Can Trauma-Informed Mermaids Help Children & Families? (New Kids Book Series)

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Dear Parenting with ACEs Community, We just launched a new trauma-informed children's book series called Venus and Her Fly Trip . The series has been developed in collaboration with therapists, educators, parents and healers and is designed to promote mental/social/emotional health, body positivity and imaginative play in kids 4-10 , with the ultimate goal of preventing self-hatred. I would greatly value hearing the feedback of the ACEs community on this endeavor, and welcome your ideas for...Read More...
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