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Free Webinar featuring ATN's Julie Beem and Ginger Healy

ATN's Executive Director, Julie Hewitt Beem and Parenting Director, Ginger Spackman Healy present a webinar for the NFPA Training Institute: "Getting on the Right PATH: Promoting Attachment and Trauma Healing for Caregivers." This FREE webinar about PATH (Promoting Attachment and Trauma Healing) is a comprehensive framework of education that supports caregivers who are parenting children with known trauma effects and/or attachment ...

RESOURCE FOR PARENTS on tantrums and mental health

The Science Behind Your Child’s Tantrums: And how to nip them in the bud before they start Parenting videos in English and Spanish from Positive Parenting SPACE: Helping Kids with Anxiety : Psychologist, Eli Lebowitz and his colleagues developed a method for training parents to support anxious children known as SPACE: Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions. In a study of 124 children and their parents, Yale researchers examined whether the SPACE intervention was effective in...

Back to the Basics of HOPE []

By Dr. Bob Sege, 10/22/20, [...] The spirit of HOPE is simple: children are not products to be graded, sorted, and labeled, and parents are complex human beings who love their children and do everything in their power to care for them. This sounds simple. However, we live in an age where accountability has been translated into systematic evaluation–including children’s physical and developmental progress, parents’ and caretakers’ mental health education and...

Discussion Topics

Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff)

Coronavirus Stress Supports & New AC Community: Balancing ACEs with HOPE Featured

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Hi Everyone: I hope you are holding up o.k. I know it's early days but I'm already pretty stretched, strained, and worried. So, if you didn't see on the main page, I wanted to draw your attention to a few free things that are nurturing, calming, and can help you, especially if you are parenting and parenting with ACEs. I know I'm not the best parent I can be when I'm in survival mode so these things are welcome. Please share others as I know there are resources being offered to those that...Read More...
Melissa L. McPheeters

ACES/Resilience Surveys w/Parents

· 4 replies Melissa L. McPheetersCissy White (ACEs Connection Staff)Melissa L. McPheetersCissy White (ACEs Connection Staff)
Hello all, I work at an Early Learning Center and we will be presenting on ACES and Resilience to the parents of preschoolers. One of the aspects we have debated is when to offer them the ACES and Resilience surveys. However, after reading I am wondering what purpose it would ultimately serve (and what unintended consequences it may have) to give parents the surveys. It would be optional, and...Read More...

Can Trauma-Informed Mermaids Help Children & Families? (New Kids Book Series)

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Dear Parenting with ACEs Community, We just launched a new trauma-informed children's book series called Venus and Her Fly Trip . The series has been developed in collaboration with therapists, educators, parents and healers and is designed to promote mental/social/emotional health, body positivity and imaginative play in kids 4-10 , with the ultimate goal of preventing self-hatred. I would greatly value hearing the feedback of the ACEs community on this endeavor, and welcome your ideas for...Read More...
Melissa L. McPheeters

ACES Presentation for Preschool Parents (experiences, tips, etc.)

· 4 replies Melissa L. McPheeters RH Karen Clemmer (ACEs Connection Staff)Cissy White (ACEs Connection Staff)
I work at an Early Learning Center that serves Head Start and ECEAP preschool families. We are looking to bring ACES and Resiliency to parents, but want to do so in a way that is strengths-based and does not leave families feeling at a loss for what they can do to move forward from ACES they and their families may have experienced. I have found many resources between this website and some other internet searches, but we are very interested in learning about other organization's experiences...Read More...
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