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5 Tickets to See Wrestling Ghosts, a New Documentary About Breaking the Cycle of Trauma!


Hi ACEs Parenting Community!

Wrestling Ghostsa new documentary about breaking the cycle of trauma, will be premiering at  LA Film Festival on September 27th. The Wrestling Ghosts team wants to give away 5 tickets to the ACEs parenting community. We want the film to promote wellness in the ACEs community, and get watched by folks who would really love it. Tickets are first come, first serve; if you'd like to purchase one after the giveaway, try to get them this week; earlybird tickets are only $10!

You can purchase tickets here. And if you're in the Bay Area, we have two other event screenings for you!,

And check out our Wrestling OUR Ghosts outreach campaign: an effort that combines screenings with healing support â€” classes, workshops, articles, video and more. On our website we have a Healing Program, and Ask Kathy!


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THANK YOU for this offer. That was ONE MOVING film. I saw it last week. It's so honest, so raw, so real, so powerful. I know it's going to open up SO many conversations and so much healing for parents and those who work with parents. It was painful, truthful, realistic, and also offered a view into how slow healing can be, and necessary, painful, beautiful, arduous. I kept wondering how the heck the mother was able to afford all those modalities and supports as well. 

Anyhow, it's a GREAT and important documentary and I'm so glad you are making affordable viewing possible as well as giving away tickets.



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