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Childhood PTSD and Avoidance: Learning to Be OK in Groups (Resilience Series)


It’s super common for those of us who grew up with abuse and neglect when we were small, to feel as adults that we are on the outside somehow. When we're in groups we feel as if we are only partly in it, and never really included . Or we start as a full participant but pull away over time. We un-include ourselves. But it feel like other people are keeping us out.

The telltale sign that being on the outside could be a personal choice, even when it doesn’t feel like it, is that we’re almost always at about the same distance from the center.

In this article and video (another in my series on Resilience for people with Childhood PTSD and CPTSD) I'm focusing on another obstacle (avoidance) and the corresponding strength that can transform us from the traumatized state to a healed state. And that is the strength of participating, aka, just showing up.



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