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Echo's New Parent Support Group


Dear parents:

Good news! In February, Echo will be offering virtual support groups for current and past participants of our trauma-informed, nonviolent parenting course.

The support group will be led by Andi Fetzner who was our facilitator for in-person Seeking Safety groups before the pandemic hit. She has deep empathy for the struggles of parents, plus a comprehensive knowledge of trauma. We think you will be in good hands.

For more information and to see our available dates, please go to our website here.

Meanwhile, we wanted to leave you with a little something in case you need some extra help. Check out this article. We liked it because it serves as a reminder of three important elements we cover in our parenting curriculum:

1) Practical things to do to increase safety (and sense of control)
2) Parenting skills - empathy etc.
3) Emotional regulation, including physical touch

Wishing you and yours the safety, love, and connection we all so badly need.

The Echo Team

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