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Dr. Robert Sege, 1/12/20,

Last Wednesday, we woke up in the morning to learn that Georgia had elected a Jewish filmmaker and a Black pastor as its new US Senators; each represented a milestone and a rejection of the racist and anti-Semitic ads funded and released by their opponents. Later in the day, we saw a White supremacist insurrection, and our congressional representatives, senators, and their staffs faced immediate danger as the Capitol building was invaded. Finally, the day ended with Congress ratifying the election results, and the President eventually agreeing to a peaceful transition of power.

Personally, I am still shaking. I grew up with stories about the escapes of my father and his cousins from Nazi murder simply because of our Judaism, and many stories of other relatives who were killed or who managed to survive the concentration camps. On Wednesday, Americans with T-shirts celebrating the Holocaust were inside the Capitol. Additionally, striking double standards in police response to these individuals were on full display: months before, the Capitol was much more heavily guarded in the face of peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, and police had used unnecessary force at protests throughout the nation.

Photo in graphic by Charlein Gracia on Unsplash

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