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The Surviving Spirit Newsletter December 2019

Hi Folks,

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Contents List:

1] A neuroscientist's advice for combating stress this holiday season by Dr. Patrick K. Porter

2] Peer Respite: A Home Not Just For The Holidays by By Juliana Cuadra – WUFT News

3] Peer Respite Handbook: A Guide to Understanding, Building and Supporting Peer Respites – Intentional Peer Support [IPS]

4] How dealing with past trauma may be the key to breaking addiction by Joanna Moorhead - The Guardian

4a] In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction3a] by Gabor Maté

5] Microcosm Publishing Growing Your Small World

6] Musings of a Mad Activist: by The Borderline Academic, Andrew Collings, editor

7] Sleep loss may contribute to heart disease in those with low incomes by Maria Cohut, Ph.D.

7a] How to sleep better: Tips and home remedies – Medical News Today

8] Michael Skinner - Songs for the Keys to Your Life(c) – YouTube 3:08 minutes

9] Half of homeless people have experienced traumatic brain injury: study By Leslie Young Global News

9a] Concussions linked to increased risk of suicide, study shows – Global News

9b] Brain injury’s ‘invisible epidemic’: survivors of domestic violence - Global News

10] New York’s Mohawk tribe works to restore their culture - YouTube 8:59 minutes – PBS News

11] Is intermittent fasting good for you? Regimen boosts weight loss, disease resistance by A. Pawlowski TODAY News

12] Male Sexual Assault: Hidden Trauma by Joan Cook, PhD @ Psychiatric Times

12a] Further reading: When Men Are Sexually Abused in the Military

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