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The Surviving Spirit Newsletter February 2020


Hi Folks, The latest edition of the Surviving Spirit Newsletter is posted at the website -

 or http://newsletters.survivingsp...er_February_2020.pdf


To sign up for an e-mail copy, please write to me @ or sign up @ Website via Contact Us, Thanks! Michael.

Newsletter Contents:

1] This coat design isn't just saving lives. It's launching new careers for homeless people – CNN

1a] This coat isn't just saving lives. It's creating careers the homeless – YouTube 3:45 minutes

2] Bipolar MD: My Life as a Physician with Bipolar Disorder: Paul Golden MD: Books

3] Sarah Knutson – Author, Advocate

4] ‘Heart Berries’ author Terese Marie Mailhot answers your questions - PBS NewsHour - Video & transcript

4a] Heart Berries: A Memoir: Terese Marie Mailhot:  Goodreads

5] Kindness improves our nervous systems - Big Think by Jaimee Bell

6] You Are Alive For A Reason  - You Tube 5:15 minutes

7] Rising Sun Expression - An artistic organization to help empower people with mental health and/or substance abuse issues to heal and gain purpose through art in all forms.

8] Study supports long-term benefits of non-drug therapies for pain - By Mike Richman, VA Research Communications

9] Unity Radio WUTY 97.9FM Worcester, MA   ALL NEW Talking Wellness with Mike MacInnis. Today's special guest is Michael Skinner

10] African American History Month

10a] Who Killed Malcolm X? - Documentary

11] Ten Tips for Aging with Depression By Jan McDaniel @ Psych Central

12] 7 Podcasts That Can Help You Feel Just a Little Less Anxious by Emily Forney.

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