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Hi Everyone:
I hope you are holding up o.k. I know it's early days but I'm already pretty stretched, strained, and worried. So, if you didn't see on the main page, I wanted to draw your attention to a few free things that are nurturing, calming, and can help you, especially if you are parenting and parenting with ACEs. I know I'm not the best parent I can be when I'm in survival mode so these things are welcome.
Please share others as I know there are resources being offered to those that have online access to help ease isolation and help us sturdy and center ourselves and each other. 

Coronavirus Sanity Guide from 10% happier (all free resources and free access to the app for healthcare workers). You can find talks, live daily link to the podcast, and guided meditations recorded and available when you want/need.

Cultivating Our Best Selves in Response to COVID19 with the Trauma Resource Institue. This is a webinar happening TODAY!

Also, we have a brand new community on ACEs Connection and it just went live yesterday. Please join and check it out. All are welcome. 

balancing aces hope
Balancing ACEs with HOPE "A hub for sharing information about HOPE and working together to build strategies, programs and tools based on the HOPE positive experiences framework. as part of a strength-based framework to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)."

Two other communities on ACEs Connection might be of particular interest to parents, families, survivors, and communities.  

Ed ACEs in Education: We share ideas, information and stories about mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences in the K-12 environment. 

*Because so many families get food and support at school, school closings are not just about missing school work. We need to stay in touch with school systems to make sure families are fed and can get to where the food is (it seems delivering food or grocery store credit cards would be better but I've not yet heard this is happening). Check out the resources that will be shared by ACEs in Education. And I will cross-post here as well.

Practicing Resilience for Self-Care & Healing
“We have the capacity, within ourselves, to create better health," writes Donna Jackson Nakazawa. We can improve our health no matter what our ACE score. Learn resilience practices that reduce stress hormones in our bodies & brains. Understand how pain, shame & trauma make self-healing harder. Explore research & resources. Share stories, struggles & successes. Practice resilience.

We'll be sharing ways to destress for individuals, for parents, and for families. Some will be video and some audio and some community sharing. Again, I'll share content on Parenting with ACEs but check this site out if you are looking for extra practices or support you can access in your own time. 

Finally, please share ALL the good stuff you are doing. Maybe it's sharing inspirational quotes or memes, maybe it's a story, or maybe it's a ton of resources. It's all welcome. Let me know if you need help with how to post anything here or on ACEs Connection. 


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